Safety, best practice

and quality are paramount

“The guys that came to PlaceMakers are a credit to you and your business. Whoever trained them in Health and safety did an excellent job.

They signed the visitors book and then explained the job they were going to do. He showed me all of this on his phone and I signed
it off. They were so safe, cones, harnesses, all the PPE gear. Very impressive!


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Working smart, working safe

We are committed to being experts in superior health and safety practices. Our company’s leadership team studies the relevant legislation and consults experts to ensure that they are leading the business with sound knowledge, are up to date with what is required by law and are implementing best practice in health and safety.


We are committed to using proactive systems and procedures that reduce risks from health or safety hazards for employees and others in the vicinity of our operations.

Provide excellent
and thorough training

We provide regular training and information to all our staff, and have procedures and systems in place to ensure everybody has the most up-to-date information – and, most importantly, to ensure that everybody understands what it means and what their role is in implementing best practice.


We are proud of our health and safety standards and this was further acknowledged by a recent independent assessment carried out by Site Safe New Zealand. Achieving a top score on all aspects of health and safety, we were awarded with SiteWise Green status.

MakING it easy for our clients

We are committed to making it easy for our clients to keep their property looking its best. We can help you to fulfil your responsibilities by ensuring we are diligent with our record keeping, we provide you with all the information you need to fulfil your duties and we conscientiously follow all your health and safety procedures while we are on your property.

JT Property Wash are now prequalified to the new CPNZ best-practice standard, proudly achieving a very high CPNZ score.

CPNZ is a third party scheme designed to prequalify the health and safety compliance of contractors on behalf of their corporate clients.



This is a vital first step in the overall process of selecting, engaging and managing contractors. It means you, as the client, are determining if those contractors you are considering using

share your commitment to safety, have good systems to identify and manage risks and the capability to work safely.

Choosing a reliable company to perform a chosen task can be time consuming, so having this accreditation means that JT Property Wash have demonstrated good Health and Safety practices and have systems in place to help identify and manage risks in order to work safely.

This not only protects our staff but benefits you, our client.

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